Playhouse Kubrick


Stanley Kubrick series.

“If any other director had optioned Peter Bryant's 1958 novel about inadvertent nuclear conflict, it would doubtless have become an earnest Cold War thriller, wagging a sober finger at the folly of war.

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Stanley Kubrick series

The one and only. Banned in Britain (by the director himself) for 27 years, A Clockwork Orange is now regarded as an undisputed classic. Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess' novel is an operatic riot of language, style, and biting satire, with a legendary Wendy Carlos/Beethoven soundtrack.

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4k Restoration of Stanley Kubrick's most celebrated film

“At the dawn of man, a mysterious monolith triggers an evolutionary leap in primates. Millennia later, a monolith uncovered on the moon emits a radio signal to Jupiter and a manned mission is sent to investigate. The only drawback is a self-aware computer called HAL...

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Special intro Wed. night: The Paintings of Alex Colville in The Shining

"A masterpiece." In accordance with the Kubrick legend, the process of making the movie took meticulousness to staggering levels.The result is gloriously precision-made. Every frame of the film brims with Kubrick's genius for implying psychological purpose in setting. This was horror of the mind transposed to place (or, indeed, vice versa).

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