Dragnet Girl accompanied by the VOC Silent Film Harmonic

Feb. 13, 7:00pm. "This silent gangster film, from 1933, directed by Yasujiro Ozu, seethes with sardonic comedy. It opens like a classic office melodrama, as Tokiko (Kinuyo Tanaka), a demure young secretary, is pursued by her wily boss. Then, after work, she heads to a boxing gym where her criminal boyfriend, Joji (Joji Oka), holds court. Ozu treats underworld swagger with brazen contempt yet adorns it with images of an uproarious visual ecstasy. His gleeful compositions put objects obsessively front and center—a drum kit, a set of dice, a row of Martini glasses, a billiard cue that pokes right at the camera—and presage the deep-focus symphonies of Orson Welles. Ozu’s mobsters aren’t just living in a material world; they are its unwitting pawns. Though the violence never uncorks, the film has a playful, eye-catching audacity. It's a feast of visual inventiveness, of clever angles and bold editing. The deep shadows, the jarring angles and cuts, and the idiosyncratic whims of gesture evoke a sorry underworld that’s out of joint, out of luck, and out of time." — Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Special Admission • Members of Playhouse $15.00 • Nonmembers $18.00

Advance tickets on sale online

About the VOC Silent Film Harmonic: Dedicated to performing live and original improvised soundtracks to silent films.

The VOC Silent Film Harmonic, under the direction of Ted Harms, was formed in the summer of 2007 with the idea of performing live & improvised music to accompany silent films. The group takes its inspiration from how many silent movies were originally presented: taking themes and using them as the basis for improvisation. The overall goal is for the music to reflect, enhance and support the movie, not to overtake or distract.

Previous performances have met with enthusiastic response and a growing crowd. They have accompanied Guy Maddin’s 2003 silent movie Cowards Bend the Knee and classics such as The Man Who Laughs, Nosferatu, Pandora’s Box and The Hands of Orlac.

Following the April ’10 accompaniment of Battleship Potemkin, Stephen Preece in The K/W Record wrote: “This was clearly a group that plays well together and listens.”

Thu, Feb 13 2020 - 7:00pm

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