Film Guide Advertising

We currently offer 2 sizes for ads to run in the Playhouse Cinema Film Guide.

SIZE 1 - 1 9/16" wide X 2 9/16" tall.

Annual rate $1200.00 plus HST. Or $150.00 per film guide.

SIZE 2 - 3 5/15" wide X 2 9/16" tall.

Annual rate $2000.00 plus HST.  Or $253.00 per film guide.

Ad content can change any time - Playhouse just needs notice.
Check our publication dates and ad submission for deadlines.

We prefer if advertisers book a one year contract with Playhouse. Ads can be supplied in a full colou PDf format. 300 dpi. CMYK.

We publish a film guide every 6 weeks, so that makes up approximately 8.67 film guides per year!


Remaining Publication dates for Year 2019:

Fri., June 14th, 2019

Fri., July 27th, 2019

Fri., Sept 6th, 2019

Fri., Oct 18th, 2019

Fri., Nov 29th, 2019

We urge all advertisers to get their ads to us by the Friday at noon, before the publication date. ( ie. For Sept 6th, 2019 Publication, we would need your ad by Fri Aug 30th, 2019, no later)

A little information about The Playhouse Film Guide. It is our main inhouse method to spread cinema news around the town & on the streets, throughout Hamilton, at cafes, bookstores, libraries and community information centres.

We are building our locations and can always use more! If you have an idea where we can drop our guides , send us an email.(

Film guides are also available through through a Playhouse Cinema BlackBox outside the cinema on Sherman Ave North.

At the Playhouse we still think there is relavance to a printed program. It helps cinema audicens get exposed to ALL our film offerings all at once. You may discover a new type of film or genre while flipping through our film guide.


Email Jacob Tutt to book.


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