2001: A Space Odyssey

4k Restoration of Stanley Kubrick's most celebrated film

“At the dawn of man, a mysterious monolith triggers an evolutionary leap in primates. Millennia later, a monolith uncovered on the moon emits a radio signal to Jupiter and a manned mission is sent to investigate. The only drawback is a self-aware computer called HAL...
“Awesome, influential, mind-blowing, cool, obsessional - 2001 is all of these. The Oscar-winning, ground-breaking special effects are a mesmerising mix of imagination and science.
The movie is strewn with unforgettable images: the stunning and now oft-parodied cut from a bone to a satellite that condenses eons of time into a millisecond; the alignment of sun and moon above the rim of the monolith; the docking shuttle and space station's orbital waltz; the circular crew habitat of the Discovery.
“What 2001 lacks in warmth it makes up for in ideas, style and no end of gobsmackage. Movies were born for experiences like this.”
- Angie Errigo, Empire


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