8% No Limit

Zonta Film Festival

8% No Limit is a journey documentary that is both a window and a mirror into blindness as we step into the mind of a blind ultrarunner reflecting a life bound by disability. An exploration of dark and light, of boundaries, perceived limits and death to the left at every footfall.

"I am only blind because you are sighted … there is only dark because there is light.”

Meet Rhonda-Marie Avery: she is legally blind, a mother, a massage therapist, an ultrarunner.  In August of 2014 she set out to run Canada’s longest and oldest trail. 

885k, for 20 consecutive days, with 8% vision to show the world what it means to be “able”.

“Every day, every moment, we are given a choice - not only how we view the world, but also how we let the world view us…”

In early spring of 2016 Rhonda-Marie Avery made a big splash as the first person of disability to attempt the world's toughest race, The Barkley Marathons.


She continues to challenge perceptions around disability and sport with her upcoming adventure of a Double Anvil Triathlon in Orlando, Florida in March of 2017.



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