A Ghost Story

"A wounded, wondrous poem of a picture about many things, not limited to the needfulness of coupledom, loss, lingering, the parsing of love, the passing of language. " - Newcity

“As lovely, mysterious and cosmic as horror movies get—A Ghost Story marshals an eerie hush from the start. In its early scenes, we see a house, squarely situated behind a generous front lawn. Inside it dwell two thirtyish marrieds, nameless throughout, played by Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, well-paired in their scruffy intensity. From dribs and drabs of spare dialogue, we feel the slightest tension, yet when the camera lingers over them in the darkness of their bedroom, we feel a real connection.

“Writer-director David Lowery is taking his time here, adjusting us to a slower tempo for reasons that will pay off beautifully. Widening out on another foggy morning, we take in the shocking sight of a smoldering car wreck, with Casey Affleck’s character dead behind the wheel. He’s gone, and before you brace for the clichés of typical movie grieving, we notice—well, a ghost. In a white bed sheet with black cut-out eyes. At first it sits up on a hospital gurney, almost confused. It meanders down the fluorescent-lit hallway, unnoticed.

“Lowery has crafted something strange and wonderful, with a romantic metaphysics all its own.” - Time Out


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