A Hijacking

“Danish writer/director Tobias Lindholm’s A Hijacking is a finely spun tale that eschews sensationalism to focus on the human toll on the captives, their families and their employers.

“The MV Rozen, with a crew of seven, is heading for Mumbai until the ship is captured by pirates. The story centres on the ship’s cook, Mikkel, a bearded, paunchy and unglamorous protagonist desperate to return to his wife and child and company CEO Peter Ludvigsen, who struggles to shoulder the burden of freeing the crew as the pressure mounts. Both performances are solid, a combination of understatement and intensity, drawing the audience into their plights.

“Lindholm ratchets up the tension incrementally as the weeks pass and both sides play a cat-and-mouse game of counter-offers. Tragedy is in the wind but, to his credit, Lindholm’s script never resorts to melodrama. Instead, A Hijacking is memorable for its exploration of a modern evil, strong performances and a dedication to realism.” - Toronto Star


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A Hijacking

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