Advanced Style

"‘I never wanted to look young, I wanted to look great.’ Acting one’s age has never been an issue for the seven stylish women featured in this delightful film. All are favourite subjects of Ari Seth Cohen, the New York street-style photographer whose blog Advanced Style is devoted to women over the age of 60.

"Most in the film are over 80, and all go for bold and original contrasts in colour, texture and form. A few speak about dressing as an art, with the body as an ‘armature’ for a composition whose inherent logic may lead to eccentric results. These confident women care less about what comes off the runways – ‘money has nothing to do with style,’ says one – than with what can be assembled from thrift-shop finds, homemade items and imagination.

"They reject the youth-culture diktat that age makes you invisible, and offer us all an example of self-acceptance." - Robert Evertt-Green, Globe & Mail


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