Anote’s Ark

Global indifference to climate change becomes personal in Matthieu Rytz’s doc about Kiribati, a low-lying Pacific island republic at risk of disappearing due to sea-level rise.

“The climate-change crisis often seems so vast and remote for many people that it's difficult to assess an appropriate level of concern or response. For residents of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, however, the threat is hardly academic. As sea levels continue to rise, low-lying regions of the isolated archipelago have been inundated by seawater, while increasingly more frequent and powerful typhoons repeatedly flood the interior.

“Kiribati's former president Anote Tong spent much of his three terms between 2003 and 2016 attempting to raise global awareness regarding the climate threats facing his nation, particularly in the absence of significant financial resources. As Anote's Ark demonstrates, his efforts met with mixed success, but they did manage to focus international concern for Kiribati's future, as depicted in Matthieu Rytz's probing documentary

“In his directorial debut, renowned Canadian photographer Rytz brings an observant visual style to scenes of Tong's island home and the frequent devastation it suffers.” - The Hollywood Reporter


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