Another Round

Nominated for 2 Oscars Including Best Director!

"Another Round is a very entertaining film. It's energetic, attentively shot and exceedingly well acted - which is impressive because it's so easy to overdo playing drunk" - NPR 

"A peak-form Mads Mikkelsen stars in this hilarious and heartbreaking spellbinder as a Copenhagen high-school teacher who thinks day drinking might sharpen his faculties. The Oscar for Best International Feature belongs right here." - ABC News

"Another Round may be Mikkelsen’s best leading performance to date, surpassing his work in The Hunt. In that film, Vinterberg was trying to make broad, obvious points about society’s need for scapegoats, and Mikkelsen’s acting was trapped inside a deterministic framework. Another Road is not about themes, but characters. Martin compels our attention both as an archetype—the onetime whiz kid gone to seed—and an idiosyncratic individual who’s been built by the actor from the inside out. It’s mentioned early on that Martin has a background in dance, and while that bit of backstory is on one level an obvious bit of narrative setup—call it Chekhov’s Jazz Hands—it also informs the odd gracefulness of Mikkelsen’s acting whenever Martin is blotto, the way his wobbliness always seems somehow sure-footed. In one of the film’s funniest scenes, Martin, who starts clandestinely bringing a flask to class, conducts a thought experiment with his history students, building to a punch line involving Adolf Hitler; the reaction shots of the kids cracking up feel a bit forced in a Dead Poets Society type of way, but the actor’s ability to convey both intellectual calculation and tipsy abandon, each heightening rather than canceling out the other, is extraordinary." - The Ringer



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