"Sophie Deraspe’s supple and impassioned Antigone is a contemporary spin on the Greek tragedy that feels refreshingly liberated by the spirit of Sophocles’ material. The clever screenplay (the film is also written and crisply shot by Deraspe) injects these ancient archetypes directly into the bloodstream of the modern-day immigration debate.

"Antigone (Nahéma Ricci) is a bright high school student living with her beloved grandmother Méni, her brothers Étéocle and Polynice, and sister Ismène. They are residents, though not citizens, having fled to Canada following the murder of Antigone’s parents.

"One day Étéocle is shot dead by police, and Polynice is arrested for assaulting the officer thereafter. As he is no longer a minor Polynice faces deportation. Antigone enacts a plan to impersonate her brother so that he can escape custody and flee.

"Deraspe’s Antigone is a tragedy, though less about loss of life than loss of idealism, as Antigone begins to realize that no one else can live up to her own standards of loyalty and self-sacrifice. It’s a testament to Deraspe’s intelligent writing and again to Ricci’s superb performance that such an internalized, abstract tragedy can be as moving as it is." - Variety


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