Before We Vanish

“Late into the Japanese science-fiction pastiche Before We Vanish, an extraterrestrial visitor wanders into a Tokyo church where several children are singing "Jesus Loves Me." There's nothing especially scary about the scene as it plays out: The creature has taken possession of an earthly body and, for the most part, looks and sounds like an ordinary human male. But there is something unmistakably chilling about this sudden juxtaposition of the sweet, the sacred and the sinister.

“For most of its unhurried, perversely suspense-free 130 minutes, Before We Vanish plays like a witty, low-key throwback, a goofily deadpan tribute to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Starman and other touchstones of science-fiction cinema. But beneath its cheeky surface is a surprisingly earnest core, as well as a sincere inquiry into what exactly humanity stands to lose in the face of its looming extinction.” - LA Times


No screenings currently scheduled.

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