Best F[r]iends: Volume 2

Midnight madness

“More than 15 years since the cult phenomenon, The Room, premiered Tommy Wiseau is back with Greg Sestero in Best F(r)iends Volume One and Two. Technically this is just the one story split into two movies, but the return of the duo on-screen has been hotly anticipated by The Room fans for years.

“Wiseau takes a backseat from directing this time around, letting Justin MacGregor handle the job. It tells the quirky tale of homeless young man Jon (Sestero) who starts working for kooky mortician Harvey (Wiseau). Realising there’s money to be made in the artefacts of the deceased, Jon convinces Harvey to go into business together. Before long though, their friendship and business comes under threat from base human emotions such as greed and envy.

“MacGregor sneaks in a few cheeky references to The Room, which fans will appreciate. Best F(r)iends is written by Sestero, based on a road trip he took with Wiseau.” - The Hollywood News

A ticket to Best F(r)iends Vol 2 gets you into Vol 1 (playing at 9:00pm)


No screenings currently scheduled.

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