Blazing Saddles

45th Anniversary!

June 7 & 8! “Mel Brooks devised his most outrageous comedy with the brilliantly funny Blazing Saddles. Immediately setting the tone with a hilarious parody in the title song (music by John Morris, lyrics by Brooks), sung by Frankie Laine, Brooks swiftly proceeds to satirize every Western ever made. His fast-paced direction is a masterpiece of comedy detail, filled with delightful and perfectly timed sight gags.

“The story briefly concerns a plot by a greedy landgrabber (Harvey Korman) to drive the citizens out of the town of Rock Ridge by sending them a black sheriff (Cleavon Little). With his resourcefulness and the help of an alcoholic gunslinger (Gene Wilder), however, he is able to defeat the bad guys and win the admiration of the local backward citizenry. The performances are all comedy gems, with Korman especially delightful; Little plays the sheriff with just the right amount of bemused superiority.

“The screenplay by Brooks, Norman Steinberg, Andrew Bergman, Richard Pryor and Alan Uger is totally irreverent, never passing up a chance to point up a cliche and sparing nothing or no one along the way.” - The Hollywood Reporter


No screenings currently scheduled.

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