Boule & Bill 2

French Film Showcase. Jean Roba's popular canine comic-book series is adapted to the big screen.

Everything is going wrong for Boule and his family. At school, Boule’s crush, Charlotte, allows a new student named Willem to flirt with her. No matter how hard he tries, Boule can’t find the courage to let Charlotte know how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Boule’s cartoonist father is feeling pressure from a new editor who thinks his cartoons are too happy. She threatens to fire him if he can’t come up with something different. Since he usually comes up with the ideas for his cartoons from his family, he decides to try and make them unhappy, to stimulate his creativity.

While father and son struggle, Boule’s mother is dismayed by her husband’s antics and her son’s unhappiness. Will they understand what they’re doing wrong before a catastrophe occurs?


No screenings currently scheduled.

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