Bridget Jones's Baby

"Bridget not being perfect, Bridget failing on a regular basis in all aspects of her life, but then rebounding with remarkable confidence, is exactly what makes her so magnificent." - The Atlantic

It's been a while since we checked in on the goings-on in the life of Bridget Jones, but that particular drought ends with the arrival of Bridget Jones's Baby.

Bridget Jones (Rene Zellwegger) has herself in a bit of a pickle. After hooking up with a new co-worker by the name of Jack (Patrick Dempsey) and old flame Mark (Colin Firth) within a relatively short timeframe, Bridget finds herself pregnant and unsure who the father is. What began as a casual hook-up now turns into a competition between the two men, both of whom find themselves falling hard for Bridget as the baby's arrival draws ever nearer.

Will it be Jack? Will it be Mark? We literally have no idea, but we imagine finding out will involve the Bridget Jones franchise's trademark mixture of cute, funny, heartwarming and just a little dirty. - Alamo Drafthouse


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