Burn After Reading

“This latest offering from the Coen brothers is an outlandish dark farce/spy spoof with some hilarious characters and quotable lines. In the pantheon of Coen movies, this is perhaps most closely related to The Big Lebowski in spirit. After their best-picture Oscar for No Country for Old Men, the Coens are back to misanthropic madness.
“The goings-on are set in the Washington, D.C., world of espionage. The film's greatest asset is its ensemble of dunderheaded characters, particularly those played by Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand and John Malkovich. If there is a theme here, it's the pervasiveness of stupidity at all levels and in most professions. Even those entrusted with the most sensitive information bumble about foolishly, and everyone stumbles about propelled by lust or greed.
“Malkovich plays CIA operative Osborne Cox, who is fired for excessive drinking and decides to write his memoirs. The disc containing Cox's story falls into the hands of clueless employees at Hardbodies Fitness Center who hope to turn their find into cash.
“From there, the farce spins out of control. And along the way, whether the scenarios are pseudo-sinister or ridiculously off-the-wall, it's consistently funny — with witty dialogue and offbeat banter that stays in your head for days.” - USA Today


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