California Typewriter

With Tom Hanks " A rich, thoughtful, meticulously crafted tapestry about the evolution of the beloved writing machine for purists, history buffs, collectors and others fighting to preserve or re-embrace analog life." - Los Angeles Times

“It’s rather amazing how deeply embedded in our culture and everyday lives typewriters used to be. Of course, that’s rather the point of filmmaker Doug Nichol’s cinematic paean to the typewriter. With the dawn of the Digital Age, many of us look back with fondness and nostalgia while the rest don’t feel any connection at all.

“So there are two ready-made audiences for this doc and both will benefit from seeing it.
Actor Tom Hanks still types everyday — enjoying the “pleasant tactile action” of hitting the keys — along with others, like singer/songwriter John Mayer and playwright Sam Shepard, who died in July.

“Others also have interesting stories to tell, including Herbert Permillion III, who owns the store of the title, California Typewriter; artist Jeremy Mayer, who constructs way cool futuristic figures from typewriter parts and the eccentric members of the Boston Typewriter Orchestra.” - Toronto Star


No screenings currently scheduled.

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