Cézanne et Moi

"If you love art, history, France, meticulous camera work and fine acting, Cezanne et Moi is for you." Inspired by the lifelong friendship between painter Paul Cézanne and novelist Emile Zola

“Cézanne et Moi is the story of the lifelong friendship between Paul Cézanne and Émile Zola; and nothing about it was easy. Zola enjoyed fairly early success as a novelist, but not until he’d spent long years almost freezing and starving to death. And Cézanne, though he had the benefit of family money for most of his life, never quite achieved the success and acknowledgment that he craved and deserved — at least not while he was breathing.

“For lovers of late 19th century French art, Cézanne et Moi has an irresistible backdrop, with appearances by Pissarro, Manet and Renoir, as well as by the art dealer Ambroise Vollard. In one scene, a brawl breaks out in front of Manet’s “Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe,” during its first public exhibition. And throughout the film, there are countryside vistas that evoke the paintings of that era.” - San Francisco Chronicle


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