Cinema Paradiso: Princess' Birthday & Ennio Morricone Celebration

Help us celebrate the Princess's 36th birthday, cinema and the beautiful film music of Ennio Morricone. 1989 admission prices! We will be accepting donations to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Ticket still available. Limited capacity! In May 1989, the Princess was in its 4th year as KW's independent arthouse cinema. In the spring of that year, we were thrilled to premiere the winner of the 1989 Oscar for Best Foreign Film, Cinema Paradiso. All these decades later, we are thrilled to present it once again, not only as a celebration of our 36th birthday, but also as a celebration of cinema itself. There perhaps is no other film that encapsulates the love, community and heart created around a movie theatre, and of course, Ennio Morricone's beautiful score brings the sentiment poignantly alive.

Birthday special: 1989 admission prices in effect!

"A famous filmmaker returns to the Sicilian village where he grew up. He reminisces about the projectionist at the local cinema, his best friend as a child, who taught him to love cinema.



"Giuseppe Tornatore hit upon something miraculous when he wrote this tale of romance, between a young man and the movies, and friendship, between a wise, wry projectionist Alfredo and the cheeky urchin Salvatore who wiles his way into the booth. Peppered with moments from film greats, the film grows up with Salvatore, slipping from moment to cherishable moment.

"Not a false note is struck among the sunkissed Sicilian locations, gentle, humorous performances, and Ennio Morricone's beautiful soundtrack. Assembled with a wide-eyed, childlike wonder, Tornatore taps themes of bonding, nostalgia, community, history and the power of film to transport one into a world of dreams.

"Transcending boundaries of arthouse and subtitle, Cinema Paradiso wraps you in a tender embrace and refuses to let go. And if you haven't blubbed by the time a fortysomething Salvatore plays Alfredo's long-hidden gift, then you're most likely dead. This is food for the weary soul." - Empire


No screenings currently scheduled.

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