Just because they serve you doesn't mean they like you

"Kevin Smith's acerbic, authentic and peculiarly romantic debut is one of the funniest American movies of the 90s. Shot at night in the convenience store where Smith was working at the time - on a budget of $27,000 - Clerks is an era-defining portrayal of Generation X.

"Dante Hicks (O'Halloran) is a 22-year-old no-hoper still holding a candle for high school bike Caitlin (Spoonhauer), who left him years before. His inferno is the Quick Stop Convenience Store, where he's working - as a favour to his boss - on his day off.

"An episodic, dialogue-heavy picture shot in black and white, Clerks is nevertheless remarkably cinematic. It's surprising to return to his Smith's 1994 debut and find that, despite being restricted to virtually one location, he constantly finds inventive settings for his plucky protagonists' wit-filled conversations.

"Some of the acting has a touch of timber to it, and the true-to-life filthiness of store clerk banter may shock, but there's a warmth beneath all the profanity. It's as much about love between men as romantic entanglements between lovers. When Dante's best friend - the openly abusive, frequently hilarious Randal (Anderson) - warns Caitlin 'Break his heart again this time, and I'll kill ya. Nothing personal', he's not even half joking." - BBC


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