"Nacho Vigalondo's giant-creature-run-amuck fantasy is a brilliantly bizarro satire of gender politics, featuring Anne Hathaway in a funny, fierce, fully committed performance that demands to be seen." - Rolling Stone

Visionary filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo (TIMECRIMES, EXTRATERRESTRIAL) returns with an intimate cinematic spectacle that gives us what we never knew we needed: Anne Hathaway as a giant, city-stomping monster.

“What the hell did I do last night?” is the question that lives at the center of COLOSSAL. Gloria (Hathaway) is a blogger with a taste for booze, and her out of control partying has led to losing her job and her boyfriend (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’s Dan Stevens). Unwilling to get her life together, Gloria returns to her small hometown, where she reunites with an old buddy and bar owner, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis, SNL, HORRIBLE BOSSES, in a truly stunning turn). 

But something weird is going on: Gloria soon discovers that when she stumbles home drunk as dawn strikes she manifests on the other side of the globe, taking the form of a giant monster (a kaiju!) and wreaking devastation on downtown Seoul. She’s a Seoul Crusher, if you will.

Hathaway is simply astonishing as Gloria, an anti-hero in the grandest tradition of cinema’s great screw-ups. It takes a special kind of screen presence to keep us on Gloria’s side after we learn of her devastation, and yet Hathaway remains magnetic.

And we haven’t even talked about the monsters! Yes, this is an intimate comedic drama about control, accountability and toxic relationships… but it’s also an ass-kicking giant monster film! Vigalondo effortlessly switches from the small details of Gloria’s life to the wide screen havoc of the kaiju battles, perfectly melding tones and styles into one exhilarating, cohesive whole. Imagine a kaiju film where the human parts are just as good as the monster parts and you start to get a sense of what awaits you in COLOSSAL. -- Alamo


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