David Bowie Is.

The documentary film of David Bowie's celebrated Victoria & Albert exhibition

Special Presentation - All seats $15. Advance tickets now on sale!

David Bowie Is suggests everything it is and everything any show about pop culture has to be: a celebration, a wink, or perhaps a well-constructed critique of popular expression as it happens, and as it is happening.

“It also pulls viewers into the mix by forcing them to answer the question internally: David Bowie is … For many, and let’s say most members of a generation weaned on Ziggy Stardust, Bowie represents the very essence of cool. His music, catchy and avant-garde, pushed at the boundaries of radio, but his ability to blur the lines of gender through costume and performance allowed the masses to morph without as much fear of moral consequence.

“He changed people’s lives in very real ways, and the impression he left on the pop psyche is on full display in the film. We hear visitors talk as they tour the exhibition, and without fail, they slather on the praise for the man who fell to earth.” Canada.com

Part of our Rock in Cinema series


No screenings currently scheduled.

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