Design is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli

A part of the Art, Design and Architecture series

Co-presented by CuteGecko

“Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra's retrospective of the legendary design duo of Massimo and Lella Vignelli's union and career spans a vast array of material, in keeping with the breadth of the legendary designers’ work.The film captures the often humorous and always insightful wisdom of design's first couple. 

“To leave an indelible impact on a whole nation of people is an accomplishment perhaps no other husband and wife team can claim. The Vignellis moved to New York from Italy in 1966; only a few months later, they were commissioned to redesign the New York City subway signage and map. Collectively the two created branding for Knoll, Knoll’s Handkerchief chair, numerous book covers and layouts (always following Massimo’s unigrid system), interiors, furniture, clothing, and package design. Throughout the film, talking heads (including Milton Glaser) speak of the perfect balance created by Massimo and Lella. With Massimo operating as the dreamer, Lella's realist instincts tempered his ideas into the achievable.” - Dwell


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