Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel

“Charismatic, imperious and quick-witted, Diana Vreeland ruled in the world of couture and cutting-edge culture for more than 50 years as the editor of Harper's Bazaar, then Vogue. Remarkably, much of that sizzling sensibility was caught on film and has been stylishly stitched together with her personal history in the scrumptious new documentary, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.
“Her story, as much a portrait of an early-day feminist as of a fashion maven, traces a career that got its start in the '20s and was winding down just as the second wave of the women's movement was gaining traction. Under Vreeland's reign the magazines she edited became a force for inclusion; she used models of all nationalities and sent photographers for fashion shoots to developing countries. She embraced the avant garde and, when it came along, the rock 'n' roll ethos. As Jackie Onassis once observed, "To say that Diana Vreeland has dealt only with fashion trivializes what she has done."
“The editor's life and legacy come alive in the documentary. The movie is filled with rare footage, photos and interviews with close friends and relatives. The captivating center is Vreeland herself. She has a cocktail-party style of whispered confidences and burnished bravado, an impeccable sense of timing and a theatrical rasp courtesy of years of smoking that make for entertaining listening.”
- Betsy Sharkey, LA Times


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