"A steamy, suspenseful tension-bomb - psychological, sexual, you name it - with potential catastrophe at the periphery of each scene." - Globe & Mail

“French writer/director Alice Winocour's discomforting second feature traps us in the head of a soldier suffering from hearing loss and PTSD, ingeniously illuminating his damaged psyche through music, sound and twitchy, probing camerawork from cinematographer Georges Lechaptois.

“Part psychological drama, part home-invasion thriller, Disorder sees Matthias Schoenaerts acting as bodyguard to the family of a shady Lebanese businessman in their palatial residence in the south of France, and places particular emphasis on the bond he develops with the initially aloof wife (Diane Kruger). The sinister detachment of surveillance footage is nicely contrasted with the intimacy of the overall presentation, while Schoenaerts - for whom the part was written - is captivating in his intensity, and demonstrates formidable physicality and wholly credible anxiety as he reacts to threats which may or may not be there; the focus is so deliberately on him, that all else fades into the background. It's an insightful and stylish riff on the old adage: just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really out to get you.” - Radio Times


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