Do Donkeys Act?

"This enthralling experimental documentary shines a light on the work of donkey sanctuaries by showing the experience from the animal's point of view." - NOW

Willem Dafoe narrates this strange and surprisingly beautiful Hot Docs Festival favourite about a group of donkeys recovering from abuse in a sanctuary. In entrancingly rhythmic prose, Dafoe gives a new perspective on the donkey—deterring us from adding human values to their behaviour with subversive and mind-bending words. An attempt to restore dignity to these disparaged animals, Do Donkeys Act? becomes increasingly attuned to their point of view, asking us to try to see the world as they do—to give the donkey its due. Dafoe’s words imbue the film with unexpected emotional resonance and might just give you a newfound sympathy for the donkey. - Hot Docs

A representative from The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, in Guelph (which is featured in the film) will be in attendance on opening night. 

"David Redmon and Ashley Sabin filmed Do Donkeys Act? at sanctuaries in England, Ireland, upstate New York and Guelph, Ontario, backing their footage with poetic narration read by Willem Dafoe.

"The structure moves from darkness to light, replicating a rescued donkey's arrival at the sanctuary and its eventual integration into life there. And by letting us reach our own conclusions about the meanings of various interactions between people and beasts, the film creates a space for contemplation of animal consciousness and human responsibility. It's remarkable." - NOW


No screenings currently scheduled.

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