Drawing on Life

Part of the Art, Design & Architecture series
Co-Presented by Menno S. Martin

Drawing on Life follows a series of architects in their studios and the places they like to draw in. It eavesdrops on their discussions and thoughts in order to explore and reveal their use of drawing. We see them drawing in cafes, over the drawing table and sketching out their ideas as they talk about projects.

Working in contrasting and different ways, the featured architects open up their sketchbooks, roll out charcoal studies and competition drawings, layers of sketches and paper models to reveal the personal, almost diary-like, way they treasure drawing as thinking, and as an important way of looking at, imagining, and collecting the world.

The film enters this unique space where hand drawing still has an almost primeval power to capture ideas and to allow architects to communicate the rawness and energy of their imagination amidst our complex and frenetic digital world. 


No screenings currently scheduled.

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