Edward Scissorhands

“Edward (Johnny Depp), the hero of Tim Burton’s whimsical and haunting modern fairy tale Edward Scissorhands, is a shy, spectral boy with a beautiful powder-white face, a shock of black hair, and, where each of his hands should be, a complicated array of two-foot-long scissor blades — one set of shears for each ”finger” — that seem both organic and mechanical. He’s joined to those treacherous steel appendages (they really are his hands), but they’re also the one part of him that isn’t quite human.

“Edward is Burton’s purest achievement as a director so far. As an image, a presence, he’s at once poetic and heartbreaking, and the innocent aggression implicit in his hands creates undercurrents of rich, subversive comedy. Depp may not be doing that much acting beneath his neo-Kabuki makeup, but what he does is tremulous and affecting. And Danny Elfman’s lovely, storybook score highlights the pop romanticism of Burton’s conception.

“The romanticism has a personal dimension — for Edward is, of course, Burton’s surreal portrait of himself as an artist: a wounded child converting his private darkness into outlandish pop visions.” - Entertainment Weekly


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