Ennio Morricone Celebration: The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

"One of the most self-assured debuts of all time, a work so certain in its conception and execution that almost 40 years later I'd still quickly rank it as one of Argento's finest." - Film4

"Like much of Dario Argento’s early work, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage is a thing of beauty. It is a piece of cinematic art. It boasts gorgeous set design and beautiful cinematography. Moreover, the wardrobe and styling are a perfect encapsulation of the era in which the film was shot.

"Sam (Tony Musante) witnesses the attempted murder of a gallery owner. After the fact, he learns the assault was one in a string of violent crimes going on around Rome. Previously planning to return home to America, Sam now finds himself certain he holds the key to solving the mystery.

"The film expertly encapsulates the sense of total paranoia and obsession viewers have come to expect from a giallo. We see Sam become so invested in solving the case that even when presented with the chance to return home to America (all he originally wanted to do) he chooses to stay in Europe and play amateur detective because he has become singularly focused on solving the crime.

"The hazy, dreamlike score from late, wunderkind composer Ennio Morricone accentuates the tension and punctuates key sequences in the film. Scoring is often an under-recognized component in filmmaking, but the importance here cannot be overstated. Morricone’s music is one of the most memorable and powerful elements of the film." - Dread Central


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