"' A shrewd tale about women on Wall Street and the glass ceiling, corruption and back-stabbings they face from their male co-workers and one another." - Detroit News

“Meera Menon’s refreshingly female-skewed financial thriller, Equity, proves that the women of Wall Street can be just as cold-heartedly corrupt as the boys. Equity’s relative sternness of tone hardly feels accidental, given its portrayal of a professional landscape where women have to labor strenuously to convince male colleagues and clients of their seriousness.

“Equity is light years removed from the milder-mannered, male-conceived wish fulfillment of workplace comedy. In most respects, at least: The proverbial glass ceiling in the film doesn’t appear to be positioned any higher than it was in 1988, as high-flying investment banker Naomi Bishop is denied a global position by her male superior on the basis of a single underperforming IPO in her otherwise formidable portfolio. The ladder of opportunity for women, unsurprisingly, is a narrow one.” - Variety


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