Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex


“The absurdist, often hilarious vignettes in this film probe sexuality in all its facets. Aphrodisiacs prove effective for a court jester, played by Allen, who finds the key to the Queen’s heart but learns that the key to her chastity belt might be more useful. Unnatural acts get wild when a good doctor (Gene Wilder) falls for a fickle sheep. Jack Barry gives fetishism 20 questions on a wacky TV show called “What’s My Perversion?” Sex-research goes under the microscope when a mad scientist unleashes a monstrous, marauding breast. The absurdity comes to a climax, in more senses than one, with a hilarious image of Tony Randall, Burt Reynolds and Allen as sperm having second thoughts about ejaculation!
 “By standards of mainstream Hollywood comedies, Everything You Always Wanted to Know was audacious. The final scene, which takes place inside a man’s body during a hot date, is truly funny. Critics at the time marveled at how Allen succeeded in pushing the envelope of the comedy genre.”


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