Expo 67: Mission Impossible

Art, Design & Architecture

“The title may seem grandiose but it’s surprisingly apt. Little known fact: Montreal lost its third bid to hold a World’s Fair in March 1960 to Moscow (by one vote!) only to be awarded it in November 1962 when the Russian capital withdrew.

“Montreal had to pull together something in less than five years that took previous cities anywhere from eight to 10 years to complete.

“Relying on the National Archives — where films, pictures and documents have lain untouched for decades — and interviews with a few of surviving members of the original Expo 67 team, the trio of directors achieve a remarkable feat.

“They outline the enormity of the task, including the political squabbles — late prime minister John Diefenbaker, then in opposition, describes the enterprise as a “roman orgy” of spending — and build real tension as the countdown proceeds to April 28, 1967. Even the term, Expo, was controversial.

“Canadians can be justifiably proud. But put the flags down and just watch an engrossing and well-executed documentary.” - Toronto Star

Part of our annual "Art, Design and Architecture Series." Thank you to Architecture Conservancy of Ontario for promotional assistance.


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