Eye in the Sky

"This riveting drone thriller is contemporary edge-of-your seat stuff, propelled by a crack cast led by Helen Mirren as single-minded British Col. Katherine Powell." - Toronto Star

"British Col. Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) has a clear assignment: to capture a young Englishwoman who is collaborating with terrorists. To that end, Powell has enlisted the help of an American drone pilot (Aaron Paul) whose mission is not to engage militarily but merely to track her target’s movements in Nairobi.

"When intelligence on the ground indicates that the terrorists are preparing suicide bombs for a possible attack, Powell decides that a drone strike on their safe house is the way to go. Problem is, she lacks the authority to kill a British citizen.

"That would be the responsibility of Lt. Gen. Frank Benson (Alan Rickman in one of his final roles). Stuck in a London briefing room with indecisive British officials, Benson argues that the window for launching the strike — and eliminating the terrorist threat at hand — is rapidly closing.

"There’s yet another problem: The presence of a radicalized American in the safe house means that permission must also be secured from the U.S. government.

And things get even more complicated when a bread seller sets up for business close to the house. Is saving the life of a single individual worth risking death for dozens of others?

"'Eye in the Sky' is a suspenseful tale that raises timely questions about military strategies and geopolitical agendas. Working from a screenplay by Guy Hibbert, director Gavin Hood ('Tsotsi') delivers a film that combines state-of-the-art storytelling with a moral conscience.

"The ensemble cast doesn’t let him down. Mirren is brilliant as Powell, who’s committed to accomplishing her mission but also aware of the politics involved. Rickman brings his trademark blend of irony and empathy to the compromised Benson. And as an undercover agent, Barkhad Abdi ('Captain Phillips') is engagingly intense.

"This is the kind of intelligent, thought-provoking mainstream film that’s in danger of becoming extinct. 'Eye in the Sky' is miles above the average multiplex flick." - Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


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