Eye on Juliet

"Eye on Juliet reveals passion, longing and superb storytelling." - Toronto Star

“You have to hand it to Montreal filmmaker Kim Nguyen. His latest film, Eye on Juliet, is dazzlingly original, an unconventional love story of sorts that never fails to surprise. From the get-go, when a dance club breakup between Detroit protagonist Gordon and his girlfriend jumps to a scene set in North Africa, you’re wondering how these two storylines are going to intersect. Have faith. Nguyen, who wrote the screenplay, is a master storyteller.

“The cinematography of Christophe Collette captures the stark, varied beauty of the African landscape and the score by Toronto band Timber Timbre captures the mood of tortured passion and longing.

“Joe Cole is exceptionally fine as Gordon, with a stillness hinting at deep wells of both pain and compassion, commanding the screen with an affecting simplicity and honesty. El Arabi conveys the anguish of Ayusha, whose dilemma mirrors the Shakespearean character of the title — a woman in love but trapped by the dictates of others.

“The sublime conclusion may even renew your faith in hope and love.” - Toronto Star


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