Fantastic Fungi (Playhouse at Home)

"Schwartzberg’s film quickly proves to be one of the year’s most mind-blowing, soul-cleansing and yes, immensely entertaining triumphs.”

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“‘We are the wisdom of a billion years,’ Brie Larson dreamily narrates over what is not a new Marvel epic but rather a documentary of epic proportions about what director Louie Schwartzberg hopes everyone comes to view as a genuinely earthly marvel: mushrooms.

“His evangelical eco-doc even has a superhero-friendly title — Fantastic Fungi — and a message about saving the planet that stars mushrooms as capped crusaders, and mycelium as the hidden power that helps create life and natural harmony all over the world.

“At the heart of Fantastic Fungi is the central scientific reality that what fungi have been doing for billions of years is creating the nutrient-rich soil that led to plants and, well, us. Mushrooms are the visible, edible result of the rejuvenation constantly at work in forests wherever dead things lie, but underneath, the masses of wispy tendrils known as mycelium are nature’s internet: connecting trees and swapping nutrients in a vast network that regulates itself for the betterment of all living things.” - Los Angeles Times


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