FREE Winterloo screening! Presented by Uptown Waterloo BIA

“Turning a classic children's book into a movie isn't always an easy task. But the six (yes, six) writers of Ferdinand have done an able job of translating the 1936 book to the screen for the second time.

“Ferdinand is the runt of the bull litter, who would rather sniff flowers than fight resident tough guy Valiente. He manages to escape Casa del Toro, the farm he grows up on, to be discovered by young animal lover Nina. He lives on her father's flower farm, munching on carrots and having high jinks until he grows up to be an adult bull voiced by John Cena. When the family head to the town's flower festival without Ferdinand (he's getting too big to be around the townsfolk), he sneaks off the farm, gets captured, and is sent back to Casa del Toro.

“There's a reason the story is still being told some 81 years after it was first published. Its lessons – be true to yourself, go your own way, and don't let society tell you what you should or shouldn't be – are just as applicable today as they were then. And that's no pile of bull.” The Globe and Mail


No screenings currently scheduled.

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