Winner of the Venice Golden Lion (2017) and multiple Israel Film Awards (Ophir). "In this portrait of a family, a society and a nation trapped in cycles of unwinnable conflict, Maoz has made a film both painfully poignant and rich in mocking humor as dark as a mine shaft." - Minneapolis Star Tribune

“From first shot to last, Foxtrot takes a piece out of you. Director Samuel Maoz (Lebanon) begins with a devastating moment of grief: Soldiers arrive at the home of a middle-aged couple to tell Dafna (Sarah Adler) and Michael Feldman (Lior Ashkenazi) that their son has been killed in the line of duty. As his mother is tranquilized, his father is told about funeral arrangements.

“The military ritual is tragically commonplace. But for Michael, the sudden desolation is impossible to process. After calling his Auschwitz-survivor mother (Karin Ugowski), he locks himself in the bathroom, his face ravaged with anguish, pouring scalding water on his hands. Ashkenzai, a superb actor, reaches a new career peak. You will be shaken.

“Foxtrot makes demands on audiences and then richly rewards them. It's a riveting, deeply resonant achievement.” - Rolling Stone


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