Frankenstein (1931)

Henry Frankenstein is a doctor who is trying to discover a way to make the dead walk. He succeeds and creates a monster that has to deal with living again.

Still unnerving to this day, Frankenstein explores the fine line between genius and madness, and features Boris Karloff's legendary, frightening performance as the monster. 

This iconic horror film follows the obsessed scientist Dr. Henry Frankenstein as he attempts to create life by assembling a creature from body parts of the deceased. Aided by his loyal misshapen assistant, Fritz, Frankenstein succeeds in animating his monster, but it escapes into the countryside and begins to wreak havoc. Frankenstein searches for the elusive being and eventually must confront his tormented creation.

"Few characters in the history of horror fiction, or any kind of fiction for that matter, have remained as iconic as Frankenstein’s monster. Ghoulish in its concoction but pitiable in its existence, the creature forces us to question the ethics of science run amok, the mortal nature of life, and mankind’s seemingly innate disgust at the things it doesn’t understand." -

"We venture the opinion that this production of Frankenstein will cause more talk, no matter how that talk points, than any picture that has been made in years." - The Hollywood Reporter’s original review, headlined “Frankenstein 100% Shocker – Old Horror Tale Full of Thrills,” originally published on Nov. 3, 1931.



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