From Up On Poppy Hill

“The latest from Studio Ghibli, From Up On Poppy Hill continues the company’s recent trend of smaller, gentler films. The film is the second directorial effort from Goro Miyazaki, working off his father’s co-written screenplay. The more contemplative tone lends breathing space for the burgeoning romantic conflict brewing in teenage lead.
“Umi lives in a pre ’64 Olympics Japan, in the port city of Yokohama. Shun is a roguish academic, intent on saving the school’s ramshackle clubhouse from destruction for Olympic rebuilding. His charms quickly work their magic on Umi.
“For many Japanese, the ’64 Olympics presented an opportunity to ‘reemerge’ from the old, warring Japan into the new, peace-loving Japan. Some of the film’s most stirring scenes occur when the ‘old’ vs the ‘new’ collide in an explosion of youthful fury.  This is beautiful, handcrafted art. The remarkably realized ’63 Tokyo city is the icing on the cake. It is perhaps, the most historically accurate piece in Ghibli’s history and a stunning example of the studio’s attention to detail.
“From Up On Poppy Hill is a small film, with earthbound ambitions. Goro Miyazki is carving out a direction away from the shadow of his father. It will be exciting to see what he does next.” - IGN


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From Up On Poppy Hill

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