Galaxy Quest

Introduced by Singer-songwriter Garnet Rogers!

“An inspired spoof of and tribute to Star Trek, Galaxy Quest stars Tim Allen as the one-time star of the long-canceled, cultishly adored science-fiction show of the title, the captain of a fictional starship whose crew now finds its steadiest employment signing autographs at conventions and opening discount electronics stores.

"When guileless space aliens who believe the series' episodes to be ‘historical documents’  kidnap Allen and his crew, the group is forced to recall the lessons of its fictional past and band together to save the aliens' fragile civilization, which is founded on the high-minded if occasionally illogical principles of the series.

“The cast is what makes Galaxy Quest great. This include Sigourney Weaver as the series' token woman, Daryl Mitchell as its aging wunderkind navigator, Sam Rockwell as a minor player (who died in episode 82) swept along for the ride, and the especially good Alan Rickman and Tony Shalhoub, respectively playing a sardonic British actor tired of being typecast in his Spock-like role and the ship's sleepy-eyed tech sergeant. It's a funny, fitting homage to Star Trek and its followers that's more entertaining than its inspiration has been in some time.”- AV Club


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