When three professors of paranormal psychology are kicked out of their cushy jobs, they flippantly decide to set up a firm as ghostbusters - paranormal pest controllers. Little do they realise how busy they are about to get when a demon awakes and takes control of a skyscraper.

Murray, Aykroyd and co. having to save New York and, quite possibly the world, from a gaggle of spooks - may just be an excuse upon which to hang cool special effects and jokey kiss-offs. But Ghostbusters succeeds because it's charming in its own right, with sparky chemistry from Murray and Weaver, a constant stream of cracking one-liners and of course, the appearance of the Marshmallow Man, which is as absurd as is hilarious. It hits the target every single time - the jokes, the chemistry onscreen, and the effects all fall into place. As entertaining today as it ever was, a classic to be treasured by all.

A hugely entertaining reminder of how good blockbusters used to be.


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