Good Time

The Safdie Brothers Breakout Hit Returns To The Big Screen

Good Time will BLOW YOUR MIND on the big screen. Limited screenings.

"Pattinson is utterly convincing as the Manson-eyed Connie, a manipulative force of nature (alternately mesmerising, repugnant and pathetic) who leaves a trail of destruction in his wake." - Observer

"The masterstroke of the script is how it takes a situation that, in almost any other film of this type, would be played for pathos... and instead strip-mines it for every last iota of moral ambiguity." - Sight & Sound

""Good Time" grabs the viewer by the back of the head like it has a fist full of hair and drags us along." - The Last Thing I See

This film is the breakout hit from the Safdie Brothers. Rarely seen on the big screen. Not to be missed cinema.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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