Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters

Co-Presented by KWAG

“For Gregory Crewdson, whose painstakingly constructed images seem to yearn for some impossible human connection, melancholy is  integral to his vision. Director Ben Shapiro accompanied Mr. Crewdson from 2005-9The photographs have a theatrical resonance that Mr. Shapiro sees no need to embellish.
“Returning again and again to the small towns of western Mass., Mr. Crewdson is an artist hooked on decline. But even if a swipe at capitalism is implicit, it doesn’t distract, it is just so much grist for the forlorn fictions their maker labors so obsessively to express.
“Mr. Shapiro crams a wealth of material into 77 minutes, smoothly communicating the effort required to achieve the perfect shot. A few intimates show up to offer perspectives on the work, but Mr. Crewdson’s unsettling ability to evoke the ineluctable void between observer and observed is beyond the reach of words.” - NY Times


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Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters

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