Howards End

4K restoration! " Elegant and powerful, accommodating collisions of class and temperament with the grace of a perfect Edwardian hostess, Howards End is the work to which all Merchant Ivory's other films have pointed and aspired." - Richard Corliss, TIME

“Howards End endures. This landmark example of a movie of passion, taste and sensitivity that honestly touches every emotion has not only not dated, it is as moving and relevant as it was the day of its 1992 release.

“A major success at the time, Howards End received nine Oscar nominations, including best picture, director, cinematographer and acting nominations for Vanessa Redgrave and Emma Thompson, who won along with Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s script and Luciana Arrighi and Ian Whittaker’s art direction and set decoration.

“What sets Howards End apart is the complex emotional life of its characters. This is a film capable of setting off lasting and heartfelt reverberations below an admittedly exquisite surface.” - Los Angeles Times


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