I'll See You in my Dreams

"The best date-night picture of the year." (New York Daily News)

“'I’ll See You in My Dreams' checks all the boxes. It’s smart, funny and lasts an hour and a half.

"The movie is by turns a romance, a chick flick, a coming-of-age film and even a stoner movie. There’s something for everyone, with the possible exception of cretins who don’t appreciate great writing, casting, directing and especially acting.

"Carol is a 70-something widow who’s never considered getting married again. She likes to garden and read the paper, play bridge with her girlfriends and watch TV in bed with her dog. But when she has to put Hazel down, her well-ordered life seems far less fulfilling. Stirred by her loss (and the rat who’s taken up residence in her house), Carol strikes up a friendship with the pool guy, Lloyd. She also starts returning those looks she’s been getting from Bill, a new resident of the retirement community where her friends live.

"As Carol, Blythe Danner puts on an acting clinic specializing in depth and subtlety. She’s a joy to watch. Her rapport with co-stars Martin Starr as Lloyd and Sam Elliott as Bill is genuine and lovely. And whether they’re bidding two no trump or getting high off medical marijuana, Rhea Pearlman, Mary Kay Place and Jane Squibb are utterly convincing as Carol’s longtime friends.

"This could have been a 'Bucket List'- or Cocoon'-style film about old people. Congratulations to thirtysomething director Brett Haley, who instead wrote about people who happen to be old. His characters are fully-developed subjects. Their experiences feel universal. When Carol fails miserably at speed-dating, it’s funny because all of us, no matter our age, could fail at speed-dating.

"Haley’s created the best date-night picture of the year." (New York Daily News)


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