I'll Take Your Dead

"A gem of a genre mash-up that's well worth tracking down." - Daily Dread

Cast & Crew will be in attendance for a very special Q&A following the screening. One Night Only! “There are about a half dozen wild horror movie ideas floating freely about in the Canadian thriller I’ll Take Your Dead, but director Chad Archibald and screenwriter Jayme Laforest keep them all impressively contained, by building their picture around the bond between a widowed father and his preteen daughter. This film features ghosts, dismemberment, mobster mythology and home invasion — all of which are secondary to some surprisingly moving family drama.

‘The reliably grounded character actor Aidan Devine plays the dad, William, who lives out in the country, earning his living by disposing of corpses for local gangsters. The phenomenal young actress Ava Preston plays Gloria, who watched her mother fight a long, losing battle with leukemia, and is now haunted — in a friendly way — by the spirits of the criminals her father chops up in their basement.

“When one of those cadavers — a moll named Jackie (Jess Salgueiro) — turns out to still be alive, William imprisons her, afraid she’ll mess up his plans to skip town. Gloria, on the other hand, is just happy to have a woman around the house. Copious blood-spatter aside, I’ll Take Your Dead is about as poignant as any movie with vengeful gangster ghosts can be.” - LA Times


No screenings currently scheduled.

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