Local Production! Director in attendance!

“Robert Heydon’s horror flick Isabelle sees a young expectant mother dealing with the next-door neighbor from hell — possibly literally. Adam Brody and Amanda Crew are Matt and Larissa Kane, a happily married couple newly relocated to a quaint, quiet neighborhood and eagerly anticipating the birth of their first son. Larissa is an overly anxious, overly cautious woman who believes every little thing — from certain foods to third-trimester sex — can be hazardous for her unborn baby.

“Shortly after moving into their gigantic new home (he’s a lawyer), Larissa goes to collect the mail and notices one of her neighbors, Isabel (Zoe Belkin), staring at her from her second-story window, which immediately prompts massive bleeding and a trip to the hospital. Larissa flatlines for about a minute, but the Kanes’ baby is sadly stillborn. During what should be her postpartum recovery, Larissa finds herself stuck somewhere between madness and depression, seeing and hearing her baby everywhere, and catching Isabel watching her even more intensely.” - The Hollywood Reporter


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