Italy Love it or Leave It

“Tuscan fields, bel canto arias, slow food and movie stars are some of the images synonymous with one of the world’s most adored cultures. Yet many of filmmakers Luca Regazzi and Gustav Hofer’s disenchanted friends have recently emigrated from Italy. Before following suit, the Italian couple decides to take a six-month road trip across the country to investigate the extent to which current realities outweigh the icons of la dolce vita. Throughout their exploration they witness multiple examples of staggering corruption, an increasingly lower standard of living, environmental hazards and intransigent fanaticism. Simultaneously, however, they encounter loyal crusaders who feel unequivocally compelled to make their homeland a better place. In an astute manner and with quirky Felliniesque animation, the film further tantalizes us with Italy’s glorious past and future potential. Will the pair decide to leave or stay? Their journey tells it all.” - HotDocs


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Italy Love it or Leave It

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