Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

The definitive documentary about Nirvana’s magnetic and iconic frontman, KURT COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK is a wicked-sounding and totally immersive portrait of a caustic poet who used pain as fuel for his expression. Better than biography, this film makes him alive again by re-animating his creative spirit through his own words and image. Comprised of Cobain’s own art, music, journals, Super 8 films and audio montages, his lasting influence on culture, music and the tastes of a generation are on full display in this astounding opus. Cobain never had idle hands, he kept busy—playing guitar, painting, drawing, doodling—and kept his mind even busier. He played with blood, bile and complete contempt for "stardumb"—a singular artist with a genius for contradictions in his lyrics and his life. Ambitious and apathetic, fierce and fearful. It really is all there in the music: the whole story, the meat and the man. Just listen. - Angie Driscoll, Hot Docs

"Montage of Heck celebrates Cobain's formidable talent and accomplishments, makes you wonder how much better he might have become if he had lived longer, and illuminates the demons that sometimes stalk the stars who shine brightest." - Miami Herald


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